Local Dive Teams Using Side Image Scanning for Victim Recovery


Clinton - Emergency responders are trained to handle everything from rescues to recoveries.  On Wednesday, local dive teams worked with the department of natural resources with state of the art technology that will help them locate drowning victims much sooner. 

Side-image scanning is changing the way dive teams are locating missing people and drowning victims.

"It's cut our manpower time down to almost nothing.  Compared to the old days when we used to have to wait for a long, long time," says Conservation Police Officer Ray Wichus.

The technology being used is identical to what fisherman use, except it's being used to look for a submerged boat or a drowning victim.

"The sonar doesn't really care how cloudy or murky the water is, the sound waves actually go through that," says Harris town Fire Chief Steve Gambrill.

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