Some will call out sick to catch Olympic game, study says


DECATUR -- Some of you will stayed glued to the TV during the Olympics -- so much that you'll skip work to watch sports, according to one study.

But Americans won't be the only ones playing hooky during the 2012 Summer Games.

According to a global survey by The Workforce Institute, the Chinese are the most likely to call off work. Fifty-eight percent admitted to staying home to see a game. Only 1% of France said they would skip work for a sporting event. And here in the U.S., 11% of you said you'd stay at home.

So WAND asked folks right here in Central Illinois, are the games worth a day of lost wages?

Craig Wilson says he would probably call out because he has "marked off for lesser reasons."

McGorray's Bar & Grille waitress says she would "absolutely" call out of work.

But restaurant owner Charlie McGorray says if anyone wants the day off, "They can do it while they're at work" -- with one of the large screen TVs inside.

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