Man's Rare Collection Auctioned


Argenta, Ill.- For almost 60 years Argenta resident Wayne Kaufman spent most of his Sunday's at auctions in Illinois and around the country.

When one has done something for that long one is bound to have a massive collection of his own.  On Saturday, Kaufman's estate was auctioned off.
Some people drove over 5 hours to come see some of his rare items up for grabs.
While some people would rather collect stamps or coins, family members say Kaufman's favorite pastime was finding good bargains.

"It was a social event for him.  He'd like to go to socialize and he enjoyed the history and the collecting long before American pickers came along.  Long before storage wars or any of those other TV shows," said his daughter Karen Kaufman.
Those who didn't get a chance to take part in the auction will have another opportunity. The family will conduct the second part of Kaufman's estate sale on September 22.

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