Lake Decatur drying out


DECATUR-- Thanks to the dry weather, some parts of Lake Decatur look more like a desert right now -- leaving some boats stranded on their docks.

All across Lake Decatur, it's two and a half feet below where it should be this time of year, according to Lake Services Supervisor Joe Nihiser.

Nihiser says the lake levels are dropping 3/4-inch each day. That may not sound like a huge number, but it's having a huge effect across the lake.

Monday afternoon, some sandbars were appearing out of coves and there was a rock island popping out of the surface.

The lake is completely dry in some areas near South Shores. The bottom of the lake was looking more like a desert with all the dry dirt cracking across the surface.

But lake services says it's not just affecting boaters.

"This is our water supply for the city," said Nihiser. "It's used every day by all the factories around here. We do supply water to Mt Zion, a limited amount to Long Creek, Harristown... it's a very important water resource."

With the lake's current low levels, the city is already on some mandatory water restrictions. But there could be more in the future.

The city will discuss where to go from here at Monday's city council meeting.

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