New shuttle service for Decatur Celebration


DECATUR -- Just two days until the Decatur Celebration, and this year there's a new way to get there.

A new shuttle service will keep you safe, and maybe even save you some cash. The Alpha & Omega Transit Network will be posted up right here on the corner of Jackson and North Streets.

But it's not just for folks in Decatur, it's a ride home throughout the county. Four shuttles will be running throughout the Celebration.

In Decatur, the shuttle is $8/person.

But outside of town, you can split the total cost among your party.

Traveling to Warrensburg, Forsyth or Mt. Zion is $20/trip, Oreana is $30/trip and service to Argenta, Maroa or Macon is $40/trip.

Macon County Sheriff Tom Schnieder says these services aren't just a way to keep you safe.

"It gives people an opportunity that may not even have transportation," said Schneider. "These are all opening up an avenue for people to be able to get to a celebration, have a good time and be able to return home without the worries of course of coming across an impaired driver or themselves being arrested for impaired driving."

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