Caleb Witty Vigil


DECATUR IL - Nearly a year ago 17 year old Caleb Witty was shot dead, and the person who murdered him is still free.

Witty was walking home from the celebration with his 14 year old sister when two men approached them and asked for money.  Witty did not have any money, and he ended up paying with his life.

He lunged in front of his sister, and he took the bullet. Caleb's father wants justice, and for people in Decatur to come together to stop violent crimes like this. "Look at Caleb, they should consider all the things that could happen to their families and to see how much pain it causes for a child to die."

Police have a description of the shooter, but not enough information to solve the case. Theirs is a vigil Saturday at nightfall, where Caleb died in the 22 hundred Block of East Johns Street. Anyone is welcome to attend.

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