Gas-Price Rise Hits Illinois Drivers


SAVOY, Ill. (AP) -- The shock of sharp gas-price increases is hitting motorists across Illinois.

University of Illinois professor Mike Biehl felt it on Friday as the total on the gas pump he used to fill his SUV hit $78. Biehl was filling up in Savoy just outside Champaign as he prepared to head to St. Louis. In the Chicago suburb of Romeoville 65-year-old Willa Watkins said she paid $65 to fill her tank. Last week it cost her $50.

AAA says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Illinois jumped 33 cents the last week to $3.93. The average price in Chicago was $4.26.

Charles Forbis of Champaign drives for a living and said he has no choice but to pay. But away from work he's choosing not to drive.

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