Music Highlights Sunday's Decatur Celebration Finale


Decatur - People come to the Decatur Celebration for a lot reasons.  Food, crafts, but no matter the reason everybody who comes is guaranteed to hear a lot of music.

Whether you're into local blues bands like Killborn Alley, or something a little more mainstream like Color Me Badd, the celebration had a little bit of everything.

"Decatur Celebration has always set records, but the reason why they do is they bring in good entertainment and I remember listening to their songs," says Rusty Johnson of Mt. Zion

For local performers like Andrew Duncanson, it's a chance to reach new fans.

"It's kind of like a second home for us.  We're from Champaign, and so we come over here and play for everybody.  You know, kids, old people.  It's a nice feeling for us to get to play for all the representation of Decatur."

With the 2012 Decatur Celebration now in the books, the beat moves on to 2013.

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