Illinois gas prices jump


DECATUR -- Gas prices are on the rise nationwide, but Illinois drivers are paying more at the pump.

Experts say Illinois ranks 6th in the country for highest gas prices. On Monday, WAND found most gas in Decatur around $3.95 per gallon.

Just one month ago, Decatur motorists were fueling up for an average of $3.41/gallon. That's over 50 cents cheaper than the current price.

AAA says national gas prices increased 17 cents per gallon in July. They blame the price jump mostly on the summer driving season.

But drivers like Garry Vaughn are still surprised.

"I was absolutely shocked," Vaughn said. "The car here before me got 25 gallons worth of gas and it was $100. It just blew me away."

However, current prices aren't close to breaking records. The highest recorded price in Decatur was $4.24 in July 2008.

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