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Kevin's Thunder: July 2012 Entries



I ended up working the morning show twice this week (Tuesday & Wednesday).  It has its pros and cons.  Call me crazy, but I actually love the shift.  I wake up at 2:00 AM, get ready, and am into work by 3:00 AM.  The mornings are really quite and I feel I can get a lot accomplished with no disturbances around the office.  Then it's boom-boom-boom and before you know it the 2-hour show is done.  Afterwards we have live cut-ins for the Today Show then you get out of the office in the late morning with the rest of the day to enjoy. 

It's much easier for me to work a week at a time than what I did this week.  If I'm filling in for a week, I can adjust my biological clock and adjust my sleeping pattern for the week… But when I only fill in for a day here and a day there it's really hard to adjust to a sleeping schedule and I usually end up losing sleep; which is why I slept for only 2 hours last night, and 3 hours the night before!

Regardless, the Morning Show always seems to be more of a "fluffy" show where we can have a little more fun whereas evening newscasts seems to focus on more of the "hard" news issues of the day.  In either case, I'm just lucky to work with a great crew!  Whether it be the weather team or the news team, it always makes it easier when you come into work with such awesome people to work with! 

And to end on a weather related issue, we have a chance to tie/break a record high in Decatur today.  The current record is 104 set back in 1934.  Also, FINALLY some relief!  A cold front will move in on Thursday bringing some scattered showers and also cooler temperatures; by the weekend we'll be in the upper 80's (which is typical for this time of year)! Stay cool!   --KC--




OK… My first real blog posting…  This should be interesting… What to talk about…  Well as I sit here in my little office in the corner of the studio I can't help but think about my life in the Midwest.  I was born and raised in St. Louis which is only 150 miles away from Decatur.  I went to college at Western Illinois University in Macomb which is only 200 miles away from "home"; and my first job was in Kirksville, MO, which was also only 200 miles away from The Gateway to the West.  So my entire life has been spent in the Midwest.  In my 26 (almost 27) years of existence, I can't recall a summer that has been as hot as this one!  I mean seriously, these 100 temps need to stop!  I'm just glad I'm not an outdoors laborer (like I used to be a few years ago). 

So why is it so hot?  Well, as the ol' phrase goes, "There's a perfectly good explanation for that!"  The jet stream has been parked way up to the north for the past few months; even in the winter time (remember how mild our winter was?).  So why is the jet so important?  Well it's the driving force for our weather!  It stirs up the atmosphere!  Locations to the north of the jet are generally cooler (pulling in Arctic air) and likewise to the south they are warmer (pulling in Gulf air which is warm/moist).  Throw in a frontal boundary such as a cold front and you have the perfect conditions for some rain.  Unfortunately with the Jet not budging there is no indication of a much needed rainfall, just those pesky pop-up showers we get in the afternoon because of the warming of the surface by the sun.

So if you want that 2" rainfall like I think we all do (especially you farmers out there) say a little prayer tonight for a change in our weather pattern, which starts at about 4 miles above!  --KC--


It finally happened!  I've joined the BLOG world.  This is my first post, and I'll keep it short.  I plan to focus on weather related issued but will also sway my opinions on current topics.  In the meantime, stay cool...  Temps remain to hold in the 90's for the next week... AGAIN!   --KC--


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