Water restrictions hit football fields


DECATUR -- Many lawns are dry now, and new water restrictions mean football fields could be the next to go.

Over at Decatur's St. Teresa, the field is green now. But it's had all the water it's going to get.

Mandatory watering restrictions prohibit schools from watering their athletic fields. That means it's only a matter of time until this field becomes a much tougher turf to play on.

When it comes to concussions, Dr. Wendell Becton says it doesn't matter what kind of field you're on. It all comes down to the way the head hits the ground.

But overall, he says, changing our attitude about injuries will help keep kids safe both on -- and off -- the playing field.

"The old school mentality was okay, you get your bell rung.. you get a dinger.. tough it out.. in three days, the headache's gonna go away and you'll be fine," Becton said.

"That's a very dangerous approach and way to dealing with concussions and head injuries. Now we know so much more about concussions and the potential damage that can happen to the brain if not handled properly."

Becton says hard, dry turf is more slippery, and athletes are more prone to severe cuts or abrasions.

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