Local vegetable stand beats drought conditions


DECATUR -- Some local growers are finding their way around the drought.

Vegetable stand Curry's Homegrown Garden grows their own fruits and vegetables in different spots throughout the city. Their crop is full of color and their garden is still growing in this heat.

The Currys admit they've been lucky this year, but they say they have sympathy for farmers who've lost a bigger part of their crop.

"I do feel sorry for the farmers," said grower Christopher Curry. "They do work hard, and they're probably up a lot earlier than us. They probably put in a lot longer days than us. But we're happy with the fruits of our labor."

Due to water restrictions, the Currys will start using five gallon buckets to water. The city of Decatur says there is no limit on refilling those buckets -- as long as they're only used to water vegetable gardens.

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