Crews cleaning up Champaign storm damage


CHAMPAIGN -- Crews in Champaign are still working to clean up damage caused by Thursday's storms and strong winds.

Around 6 p.m. Thursday, strong gusts blew through, leaving piles of brush, broken branches -- even parts of trees on top of houses.

Kyle Schneider, Champaign Public Works Operations Supervisor, says the most damage is on the west side of Champaign. He said properties north of Windsor, south of Springfield and east of Duncan roads were the hardest hit.

The Public Works Department was on hand until 1 a.m. Friday and back to work just a few hours later.

"Anything hanging over sidewalks that could fall on someone.. we're trying to get all those done," Schneider said.

Starting Monday the city will go around the affected areas, picking up debris that's left on the curb.

If you have any damage to report, call Champaign's Public Works Department at 403-4700.

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