2012 Lincoln Art and Balloon Festival in Need of Volunteers


Lincoln - While the state fair is officially underway, people in Lincoln are just hoping to get their annual festival off the ground, and in the air.

The city of Lincoln is scheduled to host their annual Art and Balloon Festival later this month, but as the event draws nearer, they're desperately low on something they need the most.

"We don't have enough volunteers to make the festival," says chamber of commerce executive director Andi Hake.

Hake adds,"we still have 465 spots to fill.  That's a lot of empty spots.  People to help park and take admissions and things like that."

It's not just city leaders asking for help.  Local businesses are hoping volunteers step up.

Tom Payne owns fat boys barbecue.  He says the annual festival brings in much needed business to local eateries.

"Being a new business, or just an existing business, you don't really know how much revenue this brings to town.  There's a lot of extra people, a lot of extra money around.  It's just very important.  We need every bit we can get," says Payne.

It's not just the restaurants who will be hurt.

"Our hotels are full.  Our gas stations have great weekends.  In addition to that a lot of our non profits use this weekend for their largest fundraisers.  For example, Main Street, they have the Art of Wine, and that's their number one fundraiser," adds Hake.

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