Taylorville City Leaders Call Airplane Pilot a Hero


Taylorville - The town of Taylorville is still recovering from the shock of a fatal airplane crash Saturday.

30-year old Brandon Sparrow was flying the twin engine plane when it went down just after 11:00 AM Saturday morning.
The plane crashed in a residential neighborhood, just missing one man's house by 30 feet.

While the crash was tragic, city leaders say the pilot's sacrifice helped saved lives of nearby neighbors.

City alderman Earl Walters, "I think he deserves to be considered a hero from the standpoint that he looks like he intentionally aimed towards the trees so that he wouldn't hit the houses and possibly kill a number of our local citizens."

"What he did was very heroic we're thankful that he chose that," says Taylorville mayor Greg Brotherton.

The NTSB is continuing to investigate the cause of the crash.  Investigators tell WAND that it could take several months to figure out what caused the plane to go down.

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