New developments in 2009 Beason murders


BEASON -- Major new developments in the case surrounding the 2009 murder of a Logan County family.

One of the men accused now claims he killed one of the victims in self defense.

Brothers Chris and Jason Harris were accused of killing Rick and Ruth Gee, along with three of their children in September 2009.

Lawyers for Chris Harris filed a new motion Wednesday, claiming Harris was justified in using force to kill Dillen Constant, 14. But according to Illinois criminal law, if a person is committing a forcible felony -- the use of force is not permissible.

Decatur defense attorney James Brinkoetter said that motion may or may not stand before court.

"Sometimes judges refuse instructions because they consider the proposition of self defense that might be available in this case -- to be so ludicrous that they just won't give it," said Brinkoetter.

He said whether that motion stands or not is up to the judge hearing the case.

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