City Of Taylorville Coping After Deadly Plane Crash


Taylorville - It's been a week since a plane crashed into a quiet Taylorville neighborhood.

Last weekend was supposed to be fun for skydivers at the Taylorville Municipal Airport, but it turned deadly when Brandon Sparrow's plane crashed here.

That crash sent shockwaves throughout the community, and with local skydivers especially.

"It hurts, it always hurts," says safety and jump instructor Brian Meade.

He adds,"Brandon was a good guy.  We taught Brandon how to skydive here, Brandon made his first skydive here.  We jumped out of many planes that Brandon flew."

Though a week has passed, members of the Mid-America Sport Parachute Club are still trying to overcome what happened last week.

That mean's getting back to the sky says first time jumper Ken Davis.

"It's important that people recognize that this is a safe sport, and they can get back involved in it," says Davis.

"We can't mourn forever.  Life goes on, we have to continue on.  Brandon wouldn't want us to be here crying; quit skydiving, Brandon would just want us to go hardcore and jump, and live life to the fullest," added Meade.

As skydivers continue to jump, they'll be in good hands because Brandon will always be watching over them.

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