Council Talks Supplemental Water, Asian Carp


DECATUR-Council heard a presentation from Black and Veatch, a consulting company about possible supplemental water sources.  The consultants suggested putting vertical wells south of the dam.  Each vertical well with a price tag of 400 thousand dollars.

And depending where they are put, could pump up to a few million gallons of water per day.

They concluded that a well field near the lake will not solve the water problem here but could certainly help.

Obviously the goal, to get millions of gallons of water per day for the lowest cost.  The consultant also looked at the Dewitt Well fields and said it would be very expensive roughly 40 million dollars to get 10 million gallons a day, money the city doesn't have. 

The Decatur city council approved a temporary pipeline for emergency water at the cost of one point four million dollars.

They approved an agreement with ADM.  The company will drill its own wells using less water from the lake.  And council members signed an agreement with Black and Veatch to continue with engineering assistance during the water emergency with a price tag of 75 thousand dollars.

Also discussed at tonight's city council meeting: a study on keeping Asian carp out of lake Decatur. A consulting company told council to keep the invasive fish out during floods, the city will need to make improvements to the bridge on 48 and to create a fish net near the dam.  The fish gate would cost between 250 and 350 thousand dollars.

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