Car Parts & Junk Surface At Lake Decatur


Decatur - A steering column, car bumper, tires, barrels and assorted junk are surfacing at Lake Decatur as waters recede during the long drought.  It seems people in the city have been using the lake as a dumping ground for years.

The city is aggressively cleaning up the mess.  "Out in the areas that are safely accessible we have been getting tires, barrels, other articles," Joe Nihiser, Lake Maintenance Supervisor, told WAND News.  "We've got a bumper from a car.  Just all kinds of strange things."

WAND surveyed the lake and found a wide assortment of trash, tires and even a steering column complete with the steering wheel.

"Yeah, a lot of junk," Nihiser said.  The barrels and stuff I would say probably blew in from wind.  The bumper was probably dropped in the lake for some reason or another."


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