Decatur Family Without Home After Morning Fire


Decatur -  A neighbor recalls seeing flames next door. 

"Some friend of mine knocked on the door, telling me to dial 911.  You know, he's a prankster, I thought he was joking," but Alfred Fox found out it was no laughing matter.

"Stepped out on the front porch, man I was so scared, it was an inferno!"

Ray Allen, who was home at the time of the fire says,"my granddaughter, she burst out the front door with her five day old baby in her arms, and she looks at me and says the house is on fire."

From there his fatherly instincts set in as he got his fiance and eight kids out of the house.

"I rushed up stairs and start yelling for everybody to get out, get out.  Get'em, get'em down the stairs, and by that time, flames are just rolling.  They're just rolling man, and I made sure everybody was out the house," added Allen.

Jearniqua Cotton was asleep in the house when her sister rushed her out the house.

She says,"my sister, she came over and woke all of us up, and she took her baby outside, and woke all of us up and saved us."

Despite their loss. Ray Allen says it could have an even worse ending.

"I believe that Father Jehovah, that he's going to put something in my prayer that it's going to be alright man.  I'm just thankful that my family's going to be alright.  Everything else is materialistic and I think we can get back on track," says Allen.

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