Vehicles getting stuck on Clinton Lake boat ramps


CLINTON -- Some cars are getting stranded in the water at Clinton Lake due to low water levels at the boat ramps.

Normally the levels are higher, so you don't have to drive down so far. But some boaters are driving their trailers too far down -- and getting stuck in the water.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources says tow trucks have been out there pulling stranded vehicles out of the lake. Conservation officer John Williamson said the ramps aren't just a hazard for your vehicles.

"Something else to watch out for is the algae that grows up," said Williamson. "We've had a lot of people, especially at this ramp fall."

Williamson said paramedics have been called at least twice due to boaters' head injuries caused by falling on the concrete boat ramps.

"Just be real careful," Williamson said.

Both the Parnell and Weldon boat ramps are now closed. The lake's other ramps will stay open, but SNR said they could close if the water levels continue to drop.

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