Stage 3 Restrictions - A Few Short Weeks Away


Decatur - While tough water restrictions have only been in place a couple of weeks, tougher restrictions could be a few short weeks away in Decatur.

Stage 2 mandatory water restrictions went into effect two weeks ago banning most water use such as lawn & landscape watering and stopping commercial car washes from using city water.  With a few exceptions most people have complied.  Those violating the restrictions are being ticketed by Decatur police.

"We're happy to report that our community is saving about 14 and a half percent of the water," city Director of Water Management Keith Alexander told WAND News referring to water usage.

But tougher restrictions are on the horizon unless there is a sustained period of rain.  Lake Decatur, the cities main water supply, is dropping by .45 inches a day. 

"We would anticipate stage 3 water restrictions coming in a few short weeks," Alexander told us.  "It is a matter of weeks, not months, before stage 3 would potentially be here."

Previous water restrictions have been targeted at homeowners and small businesses.  The stage 3 restrictions would be aimed at commercial and industrial water users.

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