Man Who Lost Legs in Crash Brought to Tears By Community Support


Decatur, IL - People in Decatur came together to help raise money for the man hit by a Macon County Sheriff's deputies' car. Tom Lennox was injured when a deputy's car hit him in June. As a result of his injuries Lennox's legs had to be amputated just below the knee.

Saturday friends and family helped raise money to cover his day to day expenses as well as medical bills. Lennox says the support he's received from the community has been overwhelming, "He said he wanted to put a benefit on for me, and I thought it'd be something small, you know, just a few people over and it'd be great and it just blew up. I mean the city of Decatur went nuts. Something like this happens and then you find out who your real friends are and it just brings tears to my eyes sometimes. You think, oh my God, you do really have some good friends in the world."

Part of the fundraiser included an auction with donated items, including an autographed Chicago Bears football and picture as well as a fifty-raffle.

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