Quinn signs bill to improve schools' phys ed


DECATUR -- The state wants your kids more active in class, but isn't budgeting any money to pay for it.

Governor Quinn signed a new law Saturday, aiming at strengthening physical education in schools. The new law creates a task force to examine ways to improve physical education, and hunt down the state and federal resources to pay for it.

Local schools say hope the task force sheds light on what needs to be changed.

Over at Franklin Elementary School, students have gym class with a real P.E. teacher once a week. The rest of the week -- kids' classroom teachers lead gym class.

They say they'd love to have a full-time teacher if money allowed.

"Even though the teachers can do it, they have a much broader elementary training -- not a specialized P.E. training," said principal Stephanie Strang.

The bill will not force schools to implement new programs -- the task force will just offer recommendations.

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