Mob Action on the Rise in Decatur Neighborhoods


Decatur, IL - Six teens are arrested for a string of fights one which sent a girl to the hospital. Residents in two Decatur neighborhoods say it's a scene that's becoming all to common.

Decatur Police Officers say they are making as many arrests as possible but they tell me that can be tricky because many of the suspects run away and many residents refuse to speak up about it.

One resident who witnessed the chaos that took place Saturday night spoke to WAND after we promised to protect her identity.

Sirens rang out Monday afternoon in Wabash Crossing. "Hearing the sirens is that constant around here?" asks WAND reporter Liz Adeola. "Yeah, that's all the time," shared a concern parent who did not want to share her name. After living in the neighborhood for a year and a half she says she has gotten used to sirens, police lights, and the brutality of these streets.

"Every Friday and Saturday they fights, they argue I hear it all," the woman shared. Including a disagreement that got out of hand near homes in the 400 block of E. Leafland Avenue Saturday night that ended with six teens in handcuffs. "As I was hearing the arguing and the fussing, I looked out the window and I seen a girl running with an ax in her hand."

WAND called and spoke to Decatur Police Detectives and there was no mention of an ax but they did say the fight was connected to another that happened Friday night near the 900 block of Marietta Street. That fight sent one girl to the hospital with a head injury and two teens were arrested for Felony Mob Action and Aggravated Battery.

Many people who live in these neighborhoods would not talk to us on camera for fear of retaliation but off camera they shared their fear of teens who they believe travel in large groups looking to cause trouble. "It's bad around here, it's not really safe for kids. You know it's not really safe for people to live around here." 

Even with surveillance cameras many stay within the confines of their yards, posting private property signs to ward off trespassers and hopefully trouble.

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