Country Club Road Construction Slated to Be Finished in 2013


DECATUR- Major construction is underway on Country Club road in Decatur, a nearly 3 million dollar project to replace the road from Lost Bridge Road all the way to Route 36.   Though people are working around it, not everyone is happy about the inconvenience and how long the project will take.

The construction is also something they're also dealing with at the Scovill Zoo and the Children's Museum.

"First two weeks it seems like people were confused about how to get to the zoo," says Ken Frye, associate director."

So they've put up signs of their own, saying they're open.

There are three major parts to this project.  They're making the road an even width that fits federal standards, they're adding a bike path, and they're adding modern drainage to replace the ditches on the side of the road.

They're improvements Frye says could bring more people to the zoo.

"The bike path is going to be a very good thing for the zoo itself because it'll bring more people here," Frye says.

But many are upset to know the project won't be finished until July 2013. 

"It's going to be next year?!" neighbor Tommy Dorsey says.  "That's crazy.  That's absolutely nuts."

But until this work is complete, it'll just take some patience.

 "It'll be great when it's done and we'll just deal with it while they're working on it," Frye says.

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