More teens are huffing in Central Illinois


TAYLORVILLE -- It's poison inside of an aerosol can -- it's caused fatal accidents -- and more teens are using it to get high.

Police say huffing is on the rise in parts of Central Illinois.

Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp says they've been seeing more recent cases of huffing -- especially in Pana. It's where someone inhales poisonous chemicals from household items like hairspray, deodorant or air dusters.

But Kettelkamp says it's not only happening inside of homes.

"I've had reports of teenagers going into Walmart and taking the inhalants there," said Kettelkamp. "Just using it in the store when nobody's around."

However, huffing is not the biggest drug problem in Christian County. Kettelkamp says marijuana and pills are still the most commonly abused substances.

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