Decatur School's Report Cards Easier to Read for Parents


Decatur - Parents will notice big changes with report cards this year in Decatur public schools.

It's an effort to get parents to pay closer attention to their child's grades.  What started out as a pilot program last year, now has the entire Decatur Public School District making it easier for parents to keep tabs on their children's grades.

"On the elementary side, this has been a collaborative effort between principals, teachers, and central administration to try and develop a report card that is, not only reporting, but is instructive of how the child is doing in the classroom," says Decatur Board of Education President Dan Winter.

Winter adds,"it encourages the parent to put their efforts behind their children.  The easier we can make it for them to understand what's going on in school.  If the parents and the teachers are on the same page, they understand what areas a child is succeeding in, as well as what they need some more work, they can reinforce that at home."

Leading up to the district's ultimate goal,"in the end, what we're trying to do is increase learning, and if a child needs a little more time to do something, let's work on that," says Winter.

Because every child deserves a good education.

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