Friday is Drug Overdose Awareness Day


Mt. Zion - Tyler Yount was an athlete and a soldier who's life was ended much too soon because of a drug addiction.  His mother, Kathy Burkham, says instead of feeling sorry for her, she wants you to learn a lesson from her and her family's story.

Tyler Yount was your average young adult, but sadly there was a darker side to Tyler.

His mother, Kathy Burkham, says,"ultimately he loved drugs."

It was a love that would cost him his life.

"He was never able to really completely stop and when he actually died of a drug relapse," says Burkham.

For Kathy, and parents like her who have lost a child to drug addiction,Friday will serve a very big purpose.

Burkham will travel to the Peru-La Salle area to meet and talk to other parents who have, and are still going through losing a child to drugs.

Burkham says she wants Tyler's story to help change, maybe even save, someone else's life.

"Get the kid all the help that they can get, to never ever give up on them.  To give them all the support they can possibly give.  To just support another mom.  Just, I don't know, it's important for me and it's part of my healing process," she pleads.

To honor Tyler and to commemorate next year's National Overdose Awareness Day, Kathy is already planning a special memorial at Mt. Zion's Fletcher Park.

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