Decatur Sees Isaac Downpour Saturday


Decatur - While much of the south east was recovering from Isaac Friday, the city of Decatur was preparing for its arrival.

After watching Isaac leave much of the southeast underwater, the city of Decatur wanted to be proactive and do what it could in case mother nature should bring heavy rains.

Isaac left much of Louisiana and Mississippi underwater with water as far as the eye could see.  As the storm made its way north to Illinois, workers were preparing city streets for heavy rain.
The city's municipal services manager says heavy rain in a short amount of time is the city's main concern.

"The last few days we've increased crews to clean out curb inlets, drainage areas, places that we know collect a lot of water.  A lot of concern for us streets flooding.  If we get heavy rains over a short period of time, so we're trying to do our best to keep those inlets open," services manager Dick Borders said.

Borders says underpasses near bridges are especially capable of seeing standing water from the rain that came through Saturday evening.

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