Bassmasters Fishing Still on at Lake Decatur...For Now


Decatur - We're two weeks away from the biggest fishing tournament Decatur has ever seen, but unless we see some serious rain, anglers may not fish on Lake Decatur.

The boat launches are closed, and unless Lake Decatur receives some heavy rains before September 20th, twelve of the world's best bass anglers won't get to see what Lake Decatur has to offer.

It's an event with huge expectations.

"We were told by the Bassmasters folks to expect around 3,000 people a day for Thursday and Friday, and to plan on 7,500 people on both Saturday, and again 7,500 on Sunday," this according to Decatur Area Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director Jeff Hendricks.

With that many people coming to town, Hendricks says,"this kind of event, this many days, this many people, $750,000 to a $1-million dollars in economic income."

With water levels being so low, at least the fishing portion of the Bassmasters All-Star Weekend on Lake Decatur is in jeopardy.

"Depending on the water situation, they will probably choose Lake Decatur or Lake Clinton," says Hendricks.
Hendricks says Bassmasters has until about a week before the tournament to decide if Lake Decatur can still be fished, but the weigh-ins and family friendly festival will go on in Decatur no matter what.

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