Rantoul Police Find Dead Body in Trailer Destroyed by Fire


Rantoul - Some crazy twists have come up in an arson investigation in Champaign County.

Firefighters went back to a vacant mobile home on August 22 after weeks of receiving complaints of a strange smell from neighbors.

Rantoul Police Lieutenant Jeff Wooten says police discovered a dead body under the debris.

Neighbors of the home in the 1200-block of Cypress Lane complained of the strange smell for days.

"Besides the fire, we've seemed to smell something dead in the air.  So we reported it to the office, and they said they'd have it looked into," said neighbor Charles Hensley.

Neighbors are dumbfounded.

"I've lived here for ten years, I've never seen anything happen like this.  But it's kind of a weird thing, we've never seen this in Heritage Estates," said neighbor Felipe Garcia.

Neighbors like Hensley say this gruesome finding shook up the once quiet neighborhood.

"I have seen a couple of fires, but no incidents quite like this.  To know that somebody was actually either beaten to death, or burnt to death in there, is disturbing," he said

The Rantoul police and fire departments, along with the Champaign County Coroner's Office are trying to figure out who this person was, how the person died, and what the person was doing at the trailer.

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