Jerry Newingham Remembered


Decatur - Three years have elapsed since Jerry Newingham was killed by a group of Decatur teens.

Jerry was killed near the 500-block of West Sawyer street.
His family marched from Newingham's home Saturday night to where he was killed.  Candles were lit, and signs that read "Stop the Violence" were raised high.
Family members said it's their way of keeping Newingham's memory alive.  They told WAND News the annual vigil is just another helpful part  of the healing process.

"We all get together, and we don't want anybody to ever forget it, and we keep him alive within us doing this, too," said Newingham's wife Helen Dotson.

"I don't know if I'll ever get over it, we was real close.  It's hard," Harry Newingham, Jerry's brother, added.
"We just want to keep it in the community's eyes, and what goes on around here, and some stuff that don't need to be ever forgotten because it's horrible the way it happened," said Jason Newingham, Jerry's son.

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