Prairie Celebration a Trip Back in Time


Decatur - This weekend, going back in time was as simple as visiting the Prairie Celebration at the Rock Springs Conservation Area, where you could learn to use primitive tools such as the atlatl.

In history, when it comes to survival, sometimes the most primitive tool was the most important.

"This is a way for throwing arrows that the natives used to take down any of their prey.  It's a throwing mechanism where the back of the throwing stick pushes the arrow forward, and it enables you to get a much farther distance with much greater speed," said volunteer Gretchen Karcher.

Learning to throw the atlatl was just one of many prairie land skills on display at Rock Springs Conservation Area.

Many of the displays were a trip back in time, to when living and surviving required more skill.

Bow carver Paul Jarvis said festivals like this give traditional craftsmen like himself a chance to educate people about how our ancestors once lived.

"There are people who have come here looking for knowledge, and that's what I like.  I like people that have already got involved in it, and want to know more about it," said Jarvis.

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