McDonald's menus now showing calories


Forsyth, IL -- Here's something that may make one think twice before taking a bite into a Big Mac -- McDonald's is now revealing all the calories in each order before one makes a choice. 

It's part of McDonald's nationwide focus on customers' health. But the fast food chain is also trying to keep ahead of any federal rules requiring calorie counts on menus.

From burgers to salads, coffee and even kids meals -- one can see how many calories he or she is about to consume right there on the menu board.

WAND caught up with one nutritionist who says it's a step in the right direction, but doesn't quite think it'll totally change the way we eat.

"I don't necessarily think all people will change their orders," said Laura Etchason, nutritionist at Decatur Memorial Hospital. "They have to do the research first to find out how it will benefit them. And consumers don't necessarily have all the tools they need at the point of ordering to make the best decisions."

One can still find the healthy substitutes with a little less guilt. For example -- swapping fries for apple slices is one easy way to cut down calories.

Menu boards at McDonald's stores nationwide should be changed by Monday.

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