Memorial Medical Announces $145 Million Dollar Expansion


Springfield, IL - Memorial Health Systems President and CEO Ed Curtis says the $145 million expansion is part of many changes to come to this campus in order to offer the very best in health care.
"What we're seeing is a lot of growth in the medical enterprise, the Southern Illinois School of Medicine being here for the last 40 years has created this as a medical destination," said Curtis.
He says the expansion will allow Memorial to offer patients much more.

"This project will allow us to advance care by design, it has four components, the first one is adding private patient rooms expanding our surgical services, we will also be renovating the front entrance and lobby," Curtis told WAND News.

The project will also add a center for learning and innovation.

"It's quite unique, one of a kind in the area; we'll have a surgical skills lab where surgeons in training can actually work in the surgical environment," said Curtis.

If all goes as planned the expansion will be completed by 2016.

"The project first needs to receive approval from the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, we'll submit that request by the end of this month," said Curtis.

Pending that board's approval, construction could begin as early as next spring.


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