South Shore bridge closed for next year


DECATUR -- A 100-year-old bridge in Decatur is being replaced, but that now that means finding a new route for the next year.

On Decatur's southeast side, the bridge on South Shores is now closed. City Engineer Matt Newell told WAND it is a $2.8 million project -- but it's also adding several minutes to local trips.

Many folks are taking Grove Road to get around, but Newell said that may not be your best bet.

"It is an alternate route, but it is an inferior road," said Newell. "It's really windy and has a lot of hidden driveways on it."

Instead the city suggests taking the marked detour. That will be Franklin Street Road to Macon County Highway 30, over to Baltimore Avenue.

As for the cost, Newell said the city is splitting $2.3 million with federal funding, and the sanitary district is providing the remaining $500,000.

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