Beds from Skilled Living Facility go to Help Sick in Developing Countries


Decatur, IL - One woman's desire to waste not is filling a void many never knew existed. A set of old beds that were heading toward the scrap heap will breath new life into efforts to heal the sick in developing countries.

In June residents at Imboden Creek started to get new electronic beds. The beds make it easier for nurses to move residents and even give some of the residents the power to come and go as they please. The steady creak of new electronic beds is a welcome sound at the living center. The skilled care facility is getting 5 new beds a month and workers are thrilled. "There's so many different availabilities for it that it's going to benefit everybody," says Chief Operating Officer Rhonda Luther.

Thanks to a high tech creak old bed cranks are becoming a thing of the past. "We had five old beds here and the maintenance man looked at me and said what do we do with them? And I couldn't imagine just throwing them in the garbage," says Luther. So Luther made some calls and discovered the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach. A not-for profit organization that specializes in recovering medical equipment and supplies to send to developing countries. "They loved them they were thrilled and said the fact that they're manual is what they need in those countries and they will not just replace something they will be the first of beds because they've never had these type of hospital beds," shared Luther.

As each new bed arrives, five of the old ones are packed up to begin a new journey somewhere on the other side of the globe. "A lot of love has surrounded these beds for the last 20 years so it thrills me that that's going to continue over there," says Luther.

So far about 20 beds have gone from Decatur to Sierra Leone and the Congo. By the end of the process nearly 80 beds from Imboden Creek will go to Africa to help the sick as a part of this outreach mission. To learn more on how you can make a difference call Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach at 525-8843.

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