Sneezing driving sales at pharmacies


DECATUR -- Some pharmacists say allergy season is worse this year. That means folks are stocking up on meds, and they're buying up fast.

Over at Dale's Southlake Pharmacy, owner Dale Colee tells WAND some of their stock was nearly cleaned out in less than a day.

Colee said they're getting daily shipments to keep up with customers' high demand.

WAND asked an allergist how to tell if it's allergies or something worse.

"It's hard to tell sometimes, 'Am I sneezing because I have a cold or sneezing because I have allergies?'" said Dr. Bethany Gibson, allergist at Decatur Memorial Hospital.

Gibson told WAND that typical allergy symptoms include consistency and itchiness, adding that the worst of the symptoms are typically this time of year.

Both Gibson and Colee said allergy sufferers can expect the sneezing to stick around until the first big frost.

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