Video gambling comes to Strasburg bar


STRASBURG -- Video gambling is now a reality at some bars around Illinois while the state tests it out at a handful of taverns.

Over in the tiny town of Strasburg, Third Base Bar is one of the lucky winners to try it out first.

Inside customers can find new machines with a choice of different games to play, including blackjack, poker and the slot machines.

Bar manager Mike Clayton hopes the machines will bring in more business.

"I don't think someone who comes in here is gonna get rich," Clayton said. "But I think they'll have fun."

As for players' luck, J&J Ventures game operator Bob Willenborg told WAND the odds of winning on the Third Base games are 92-98%.

"These are very similar to the games in Vegas," Willenborg said. "Any event can happen at any time."

Willenborg explained there could be back-to-back $500 winners.

"It's a long shot, but it could happen," he said.

After winnings, Willenborg said cash goes into several coffers.

The state receives 25%, the local municipality takes 5% and both the bar and game operators bring in 35%.

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