One Bassmaster Elite Looks to Give Back This Week


Decatur - Aaron Martens was crowned the 2012 Toyota Tundra All-Star champ on Sunday.  This week was all about the fans though, and for one pro, helping  his fans is what he's all about.

Lake Shelbyville and Lake Decatur were home to twelve of the world's best anglers this week.

One of the fan favorites, Triton Boats pro Randy Howell, may have been competing for big money, but he was also hoping to raise big money this week.

Howell told WAND News he is raising money for Alabama-based Kings Home.

"It's homes for kids and women, mostly 10 to 18 year-old boys and girls, they have a boys ranch and a girls ranch, and they're abandoned, abused, neglected, all kinds of bad situation kids.  That's where the kids come from," said Howell.

To raise money, Howell said he is giving fans a chance to win his personal boat.

"It's a nationwide contest and you can buy a chance to win for a hundred dollars.  It's a tax deductible charity donation.  And that boat's $70,000 retail boat that I fished out of this year, and we'll draw that lucky guy out.  Somebody won it last year and bought one ticket, so it only takes one," Howell added.

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