Barnes Garage Demolition Nearing


DECATUR-The Barnes Parking Garage on Franklin Street downtown has certainly seen better days.  There's been a demolition notice from the city since 2009 and the peeling paint, random bits of concrete and scaffolding are more than an eyesore, but unsafe for cars to park inside and a possible threat to people walking by.

Now City Manager Ryan McCrady says, that structure will be coming down soon. They are right now working on bids for demolition.  And he says because of the Franklin Street phase of the streetscape project, that garage needs to come down this winter.

He says however, it will be a challenge.

"We have to be very, very careful," McCrady says.  "It's basically surgery by backhoe.  There are some heating and air conditioning and ventilation units that sit on the deck of the parking garage that support the two buildings."

Not only do they have to move those units to the Barnes Citizen's Building, they also don't want to damage any buildings nearby.  He says the whole thing is likely to cost hundreds of thousand of dollars.

The city doesn't own this building or the land it sits on, but is in charge of demolition.  McCrady says if all goes according to plan, backhoes could be demolishing the building this December.

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