Neighborhood in Shock After Shooting Death


DECATUR- A neighborhood is left in shock after a man is shot in the head and killed in his driveway.  The shooting last night on Decatur's far east side has police looking for a suspect.

"Well, we were sitting here and we heard this bang.  And we all jumped up and said somebody's been shot,"said Linda Tempel, who lives next door. She stepped out on her porch and saw something horrible.

Her neighbor, 28-year-old Kevin Karl Abdullah, was bleeding profusely and stumbling.  Tempel grabbed towels and tried to help him as he bled to death on his own driveway.  He was killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

"There wasn't anything I could do," Tempel said.  "I just felt like my hands were tied there just wasn't anything anyone could do at that point."

She didn't see who shot Abdullah, but noticed something strange.

"The light normally comes on.  When there's any action.  And this time it didn't come on," Tempel said.

Abdullah was a father to two children a 7-year-old boy and a newborn girl.  His daughter, born just last month, will never know her father. 

Family members say Abdullah was trying to turn his life around, taking classes at Richland.  They have a lot of questions about what happened to him, their hearts filled with grief.

Although police say significant evidence was found in the driveway, they are still investigating.

They haven't made any arrests yet and would like anyone with information to call them, or Crime Stoppers at 423-TIPS.

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