Weinermobile Wheels Through Decatur


Decatur IL – A famous 27 foot long hot dog wheeled into Decatur this morning. The 76 year old Oscar Mayer Weinermobile will be at the new County Market on Pershing Road for an all day event.


The Weinermobile will let family's take pictures with the giant hotdog, after the "hotdoggers" will send you a digital postcard by email or text message.  Jackie Calder told WAND about how she enjoys these special moments "It's all about the I remember when's, grandparents brining their grandchildren saying I remember when I saw this when I was a little girl, or a little boy and then they'll grow up and remember it and just always get excited about it."


The Weinermobile will be at County Market until four today, then head over to Champaign tomorrow.

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