DNR Biologist Speaks to Hunters About EHD


Shelbyville - Deer are a prized animal in Illinois, but they are being killed by a  deadly disease, epizootic hemorrhagic disease, also known as EHD.

EHD is putting them in the spotlight a week ahead of archery season.

IDNR wildlife biologist Doug Brown says the community is getting EHD and a similar disease, blue tongue, confused.

On Wednesday, Brown spoke to concerned hunters about the disease.  He wants hunters, and the general population, to be properly educated about the difference in diseases.

"The blue tongue effects a lot of other different types of species than deer.  EHD is more common in the deer herd.  We concentrate on EHD, but if a lot of people call it blue tongue disease, then we know understand what they mean when they say that," Brown told WAND News.

Brown also said that the disease can't hurt people or pets.  As for eating an infected deer, Brown said it can't hurt you either.

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