Companies Starting Seasonal Hiring


DECATUR--Many major national retailers are doing mores seasonal hiring this year.

Toys ‘R Us will hire 45 thousand seasonal employees.  Wal-Mart plans to hire more than 50 thousand.  Kohl's will hire 52,700, which is up ten percent from last year

And because more people will be mailing packages during the holiday season, ups will be adding jobs.

Not everyone is adding jobs from last year's count, however. Target plans to hire fewer workers this year between 80 and 90 thousand in all, which is shy of last year's 92 thousand.  However,

almost a third of their seasonal workers in 2011 turned them into permanent jobs.

Tori Kelm at Manpower says there's great potential to be permanently hired.

"There could always be that opportunity that you're going to meet a permanent need for them, and you might be someone who catches their eyes," Kelm says.

She also advises that people apply directly through the company's website and that people apply soon.  She says many companies are already hiring for those positions.

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