Cash Mob helping Decatur's small businesses


DECATUR -- Some small businesses in Decatur are seeing a boost in sales thanks to social media.

Each Saturday a new small business gets put in the social media spotlight. So far 11 businesses around Decatur have been featured, from restaurants to record stores.

Decatur Cash Mob founder Dylan Pritt told WAND that all participating business reported a spike in sales that day.

Pritt said he wants to remind folks what Decatur has to offer.

"You hear a lot of people say there's nowhere to eat in Decatur or there's nothing to do, and I just don't think that's true," Pritt said.

Pritt said the point is to highlight places residents can go.

"Maybe places they haven't been before," said Pritt. "To give them a reason to go and try it."

Right now the Cash Mob Facebook page has nearly 1,400 members on Facebook, and each week more and more people have joined the group.

Cash Mob has not announced this weekend's featured business to followers yet. Pritt said clues will be posted during the week before making the announcement every Friday.

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