College Students Pay Close Attention to Presidential Debate


Decatur - Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were hoping to win over young voters during Wednesday's presidential debate.
Many college students said to do that, candidates have to address higher education.

While the candidates talked it out on stage, Millikin students took notes on the candidates at a debate watch party.  They said they were interested in hearing how the two presidential candidates will address higher education.

"I come from a low poverty home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I'm getting the opportunity to come to a private school because of government grants.  Pell grants are very important to me and my student loans," Nicholas Truog told WAND News.

College Republicans President, Connor Wrigley, added,"it's kind of effecting a lot of people.  You have the student loan things and all that, which some say could be the next bubble to pop."

With just two months to go before the election young voters said will be paying very close attention to what the candidates will be saying.

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