School rule has Clinton student going stag to Homecoming


CLINTON -- A high school Homecoming dance is supposed to be about fun, but it won't be the same for one Clinton student this year. A school rule has one girl going stag.

Most students think of a high school dance as pretty dresses, friends and a whole lot of fun.

"Teenage girls get nervous about those kinds of things," said Clinton freshman Rebecca Vanderslice, 14.

And Vanderslice didn't want to go alone.

"It was like, last week and no one had asked me yet," Vanderslice said. "So I was kind of on the 'not going' side."

So like any 14-year-old, she logged on to Facebook.

"Everybody was talking about their dates and everything," said Vanderslice.

So she posted that she didn't have a date, and probably won't go anyway. Until one post from Vanderslice's brother changed everything.

"He said he heard I didn't have a date to Homecoming," Vanderslice said. So he asked his younger sister to go to the dance with him.

Her brother is a decorated Army veteran living in Kansas. Vanderslice said he was all set to make the seven hour drive to escort her in his Army blues.

But that won't be happening due to a school rule. Vanderslice's brother is 30 years old, and no one over 20 years old can attend school dances.

"I was heartbroken, and I even asked if maybe he could attend as a chaperone," said Christina Short, Vanderslice's mother.

Short said she understands the rule, but wishes there could be an exception.

"He's not some grown man trolling for high school girls," Short said. "He's someone's brother. He's a decorated Army veteran that just wanted to do this cute, wonderful, nice thing for his baby sister."

The dance is Saturday, and Vanderslice still doesn't have a date.

"I'm gonna try and go, have fun and just do the whole high school thing," she said.

But not without a little disappointment.

"It's just not going to mean as much without him with me," said Vanderslice.

WAND tried reaching out to school administrators for comment Friday, but the school did not yet return any phone calls.

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