Three Arrested for Douglas County Burglaries


TUSCOLA - Three have been arrested in connection to a string of machine shed and pole barn break-ins.

As of Sunday, Douglas County Chief Deputy Peter Buckley confirmed that at least 20 break-ins had been reported across the county. Most have taken place at night and with forced entry.

Burglars are stealing copper, vehicle batteries, table saws and other tools. They enter by breaking windows or forcing doors open with crowbars or screwdrivers.

Arrested so far are Derek Chandler, Phil Jones and Michael Pressler. Two arrest warrants have been issued for Brian Garrard and Carl Campbell. Buckley says they believe several groups are responsible for the break-ins, and that some suspects are unknown to each other.

To prevent the burglaries, the sheriff's office suggests people invest in dead bolt locks and security cameras if possible. 

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